About Us


Kwetu Home of Peace is a rehabilitation Centre for street boys between ages 8-14 years. Established in 1993 in response to increasing number of children on the streets of Nairobi, Kwetu’s goal is to “ensure that street children are rehabilitated and developed to their full potential to become productive members of society”. It strives to achieve this vision by reaching out to street children in Nairobi to give them love, hope and dignity to maximally develop their potentials.

KHP has been serving humanity for the past 24 years with the motto of “To love is to Share” for the 24 years we have touched the lives of children, who had no hope, and have given them an opportunity to flourish. We rescue, rehabilitate reintegrate children who are mainly abandoned, abused, orphaned, desperate, and neglected. We provide them with food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, Spiritual and most importantly the family spirit full of love. That is the reason this place is called KWETU HOME OF PEACE “KWETU” stands for a place someone can call a home and proudly identify with that place where people live together with love, peace and hope.

Kwetu Home of Peace Activities

Street Work & Rescue

This involves regular visits to the streets to establish contacts with boys. Social workers reach out to the children on streets to identify boys who can join the centre for rehabilitation. 

Drop In

Boys from streets start their rehabilitation process here. It is the first phase of our program and serves as temporary stay, usually for a period of 3-6 months. Some of the activities in this phase include; 

Rehabilitation & Reunion/Main Centre

This is the second phase of Kwetu program. It continues what was started in phase one but with more activities added. A child is expected to stay in Kwetu for at least two 

Parents’ Empowerment Programme

This is a programme that embraces the concept of Self Help Group (SHG). It endeavors to empower parents and families economically, politically 

Our Vision

Transformed street boys develop to their full potential.

Our Mission

To RescueRehabilitate and Reintegrate boys from the streets of Nairobi back into their families.

Core Values

  • Spiritual Nourishment.

  • Family as a basic Unit of care and suppport to the children in decisions that affect them.

  • Participation of children in decisions that affect them

  • Discipline being central for child’s development and care.

Our Objectives

  • To build the capacity of parents and local community structures toprotect the rights of boys and girls and prevent them from becoming street children.

  • To identify, recruit and rehabiliate boys from the streets of Nairobi.

  • To facilitate reintegration of rehabilitated boys with families.

  • To Enhance Capacity to Manage and Mobilize Resources to Implement Program.

Kwetu Home of Peace